Active Home School Week – Day 2

The weather is wet this morning so if the rain doesn’t stop you might have to do these activities inside. If so please ask an adult at home where the best place is to set your activity up.

Junior Infants to Second Class Challenge

Today we have a throwing challenge for you. This is one that we know you are going to have a lot of fun with. Don’t forget to get everyone at home involved and take some pictures to send to your teacher. 


  • You can use a pair of socks or a small ball.
  • Practice throwing and catching against a wall. When you are ready set up your toilet rolls.
  • Practise throwing at your target and no you don’t have to put a toilet roll on your head!
  • It might take a few attempts but remember practice makes perfect.

Third Class - Sixth Class Tennis Challenge

Today we are playing tennis but don’t worry you don’t need any special equipment.

Watch the video clip and it will show you exactly how to set it up in your garden, if the weather allows, or in your living room – but remember to ask permission of an adult as to where the best place is to set it up.

Count how many volleys you can do and each time try to beat you score. 

Don’t forget to have fun, be as active as you can and get as many people at home involved. Remember to take a picture of your set up and send it to your teacher. Enjoy yourself!