During this uncertain time we have to look at different ways we teach our children. We know it can be a very daunting time for parents as they get to grips with what is available to them. Luckily there are many companies who have provided their online content for free. Below is a list of websites that can be utilised over the next few weeks.

In saying all of that however, the most important thing when you have the opportunity to teach and learn with your child is to spend TIME with them. Make real life tasks an opportunity for learning. Bake cookies, plant some seeds, go for a nature walk, take responsibility for some chores, learn to ride a bike or tie their shoelaces, prepare the dinner, look through pictures of when YOU were young, write a little diary entry at the end of the day. And most importantly, read. Read a story to them, let them read a story to you, sit together and read in silence. Read, read, read. This is a unique time to have fun with your children. 

  • Whole Child Counselling gives hints and tips to parents looking to keep a routine while they are at home.


  • Twinkl https://www.twinkl.ie/resources/roi-resources are providing one month free for primary school learners. Covers all subjects and ages.


  • ScoilNet provide resources for the whole curriuculum and covers all ages. 


  • Help my kid learn is an easy to navigate website. Lovely practical lessons for home. 


  • CJ Fallon has many online games that can be used along side the school book


  • FolensOnline also has online games and resources that go hand in hand with certain books we use in the school 

  1. Go to FolensOnline.ie and click register

  2. Select Teacher

  3. Fill in a username, email and password

  4. For Roll Number use the code:  Prim20