It’s Active School Week at Home

Today is Day 1 of Active School Week or perhaps we will call it Active Home Week. We have split the activities into two blocks: Junior Infants – 2nd Class and Third Class – Sixth Class. All the details you need are below with video clips too. We would like everyone at home to be as active as possible but take care as you are being active too. We would love to see your Obstacle Course designs so please email a picture or drawing of them to your teacher and we will display them here. Have fun!

Junior Infants - Second Class

We would like you to make your own obstacle course. It can be inside /outside and maybe just include a couple of activities.

Please have a look at the following three videos to get some ideas. Have lots of fun.

Third Class - Sixth Class

We would like you to try and make your own circuit.

Please watch the video clip below as it tells you all you need to know about the activities you need to complete a full circuit. You can go as hard or as easy as you would like to. The circuit can be made inside or outside. Remember it is important that you have fun but don’t forget to get everyone at home involved. It would be great if you could make up your own exercise to include too.