'You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step' by Nikol Ivanova

When we initially went into lockdown back in March, we thought at the time we would be back in a couple of weeks, no more. However that didn’t quite turn out as planned, now did it? Even so, we kept our hopes up of coming back to school (well at least most of us) and while we are back now it is just a little later than anticipated.

As we came back there were new rules. We all have Pods (which to be quite frank took a while to get used to) and with these Pods came matching band colours (blue, green, red, pink and yellow to be precise). We somehow have managed to pull it off and we’ve only moved Pods once since then. Although we have missed out on quite a bit, these restrictions didn’t stop us from learning many new interesting things.

Band Colours

Now Halloween, everyone likes Halloween right? Well everyone dressed up in different costumes such as M&Ms and babies (although that was mainly for comfort). You’ve got to admit, our class looked FANTASTIC!!

Photo 4

For Christmas, each one of us embraced our ‘inner artiste’ by drawing Christmas cards.

As well as that we have improved upon our wealth of knowledge by discussing WWII, of which I think people are finding interesting! Also, for Science week, we completed an experiment using milk, food dye and washing up liquid. It felt more like a task as to whether you would spill the milk or not!

Finally, did you ever dream of having a school movie night? Well, shall I say a ‘School Movie Day’ as who would ever want to be in school during the night? Well as a school, we watched a movie of the class’s choosing. The 6th class all chose ‘Enola Holmes’.

I think it’s safe to say we are all glad to be back. I hope you are all doing well. Nikol Ivanova