The girls from rooms 2, 4 and 6 have been very busy working hard on their school work at home, learning new skills and having fun with their families. Have a look below at what they have been up to over the past few months 🙂

Working From Home in Room 2

It certainly has been an interesting
year for
Junior Infants in Room 2,
from working
in the classroom....


enjoyed most....

'I loved baking'
'I've been learning to ride my new flicker'
'I really enjoyed the egg experiment'
'My favourite thing was how to build a lego house'

....and sending in your news, your well wishes....

'I miss school'

'I'm really enjoying the work'

'Have a good day'

'How are you?'

'Thank you for all the work'

'I hope everyone is staying safe'

'I can't wait to see you all'

'I was making rocky road for nanny and grandad'

'I loved The Hungry Caterpillar Story'

'We're going to
have a bar b que'

'I enjoyed the scavenger hunt'

'I hope you are well'

'I loved the chicken stories because chickens are the cutest'

'I was delighted to get my work back from school'

....your work and your creations....

Working From Home in Room 4

We had lots of fun working from home this year and learned lots of new things! Some of us visited the baby swans in the park....

And some girls made little villages out of lollipop sticks...

Other girls loved the Science experiments, while some were learning lots of Gaeilge!

We loved hearing all about your news and updates from home and getting nice messages from you...

'I really miss school and you. I hope you're ok.'

'I can't wait to get back to school'

'I hope you like my picture of me jumping on my trampoline'

'We go to Poppintree Park either on my bike or scooter most days'

'We enjoy walking around and seeing the swans and ducks'

'We played bingo in our garden on Saturday afternoon and I won!'

'In my spare time I play with the numbers because I like maths games'

'I’ve learned how to cycle my bike without stabilisers 😊'

'I’ve learned how to tie my shoe laces and make my bed.'

'Have a great long weekend 🌞'

'We made a Mary Poppins costume.'

'I designed a whole village called strangerville out of boxes'

'I am really enjoying my daily school activities!'

'Thanks again for all you have sent on and for the lovely nature photos this morning.'

'I hope you’re keeping safe and well :)'

We have a very talented bunch of girls in Room 4 who were working so hard at home practicing their writing, their Maths, and drawing pictures of all their adventures!

Working From Home in Room 6

The girls in room 6 have done a fantastic job working from home since March. They have so much to be proud of :).

Look at this beautiful written work!

And amazing art work!

Some girls went on super adventures!

And some girls celebrated big birthdays! 

It was lovely to hear about your favourite things...

... and to hear your exciting news

I learned to tie my laces! 

I can ride my bike without stabilisers! 

I wrote a pirate story! 

My tooth fell out and the tooth fairy came! 

We had a picnic in the park! 

I had great fun with the throw challenge. I even got some socks in the box SCORE!!!

It was really special to hold the Sam Maguire in my hands! 

I am helping to bake a cake! 

Here are some more pictures of the incredible work done by the very talented girls in room 6!